How it works

Assess impact

Get a quick assessment of the energy you consume at home and on the road.

Take action

Get connected to professionals who can help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Earn rewards

Earn Luta GHG Coins when you make eco-friendly upgrades to your home or vehicle.

Assess your impact

Your home

Answer a few questions about your furnace and air conditioning. The app will estimate your GHG footprint, and tell you how much you could save with a more energy-efficient unit.

Your vehicle

Enter your make, model and approximate mileage per year. Luta will estimate your annual emissions, then recommend more eco-friendly vehicles for you to consider.

Take action

Your home

Luta will connect you with professionals in your area for a free consultation. Upgrade your HVAC system and make your home more eco-friendly in no time.

Your vehicle

Ready to trade in your vehicle for one with lower emissions? Just use the app to book a test drive at a nearby dealer.

Deals & Promotions

Get special offers on items that reduce your environmental footprint, like smart thermostats, electric scooters, energy-efficient electronics and more.

Daily GHG Challenge

Measure the GHG you produce when you get around each day (by car, public transit, bicycle, etc.) and reduce your environmental impact over time.

Earn rewards

Your greenhouse gas reduction actions on the app get you Luta GHG Coins. Thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted, you can redeem them to get trees planted in your name in Canada.

Shop Green

We are collaborating with leading eco-friendly companies to save you money on goods and services that reduce your environmental footprint.

Our Partners

We’re always looking for great eco-friendly companies to help our users make a difference. If that sounds like you, we’d love to connect.

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